Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Artist Bio

Majority of my life was spent being raised in Southern Florida. It was lead to believe that this region obtained a wide variety intellectual achievements, therefore, I was surrounded by all the attributes of cultural diversity. I am a descended from a Native Indian, Caribbean and African American heritage, which leads me to say that several of my relatives procured a creative personification. These distinctive attributes were  of course inherited to me. At a young age I always imagined myself being successful in the field of creativity. I remember spending my recreational time on drawing or practicing my instrument during my adolescent stage. Particularly, I was involved with various activities of innovation. How I achieved this technique of procreation was by simply training my hands to interpret what  my eyes analyze. However, I did not attain this capability by myself: observing the method of repetition in art was gained with the assistance of my father, Tedd Williams. My father often used the medium of white charcoal pencil on black canvas paper, capturing only the highlighted components of the human disposition. Ultimately, his content displayed an expression of anxiety in humanity that weighs their actions on black and white, good and evil, leading to say that the decision lies with self and you as an individual want to be displayed. Inspired by my fathers’ talent, I strived to be as gifted as him. So my Mother enrolled me into many schools that followed a curriculum of Fine Arts and Science; New River Middle School of   Performing Arts and Marine Science, and South Plantation High School of Arts and Science serve a great role in my creative creative. While attended these schools allowed me to express myself through music and fine arts. As I aged, I was more engaged with performing arts and music. Throughout High School, Ii found myself marching in the school band, playing in symphonic band, and being on stage. Studio art did not impact my life until I attended Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Even than, I still was apart of music, marching for the famous “Marching 100”. Once I finish my year of marching in the band, I enrolled into some art classes where I met an art professor by the name of Carl Thompson. During his class I used draw in my note pad, Mr. Thompson noticed some of my drawings and asked, “why aren’t of an Art Major?”  That question made me realize what my true potential was, creating artwork. Now I am attending Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University as an Fine Arts Major , trying to influence and illustrate my creative expression through vision illusions.

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